From time to time, Longsnouts likes to add a focused workshop to the calendar to 


** Info coming soon! **

URBAN PACK WALKS - they're coming back!

Our goal is to host one per month - we're looking at the calendar and setting some dates! Free for all to attend, as long as you're willing to follow our guidelines. Fantastic practice for all levels of dogs; we're happy to give you the space or time you need. 

Currently, three dates are scheduled, all Sundays due to availability and daylight. Weather issues? We will walk if the weather is above freezing (32 F) and *not* raining or heavy snow. RSVPs are required; there is a 10 person/dog limit. You don not have to be a Longsnouts client to join, however, this is not a "class." Pack Walks are a place to practice and Hannah will likely have one of her #PermaDogs in attendance for their own practice and unable to advise or lend a hand.  RSVP here.

- August 29th @ 10:30am...focus on Chilling Out in a group!

- October 3rd @ 10:30am

- November 14th @ 10:30am

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