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Ready to get started with your training? GREAT! We are, too. 

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In-person classes are LIVE! Longsnouts prefers to teach classes outside - it's where we are most often with our dogs, so it makes sense. We are, therefore, prepared for social distancing...and have taken lengths to (re)design our classes to make sure everyone feels as safe as possible. We're excited to get back to learning!

Our class sizes are small - typically no more than 10 human/canine pairs - and we encourage all current COVID-19 safety protocols.

NOTE:  Our general rule of thumb for being outside is no inclement weather and temps need to be 'above freezing' (32 F) for winter and that the heat/humidity is below 90F for summer.


We do things a little differently around here! There are 3 main Longsnouts options:

- Rolling Admissions: means you can jump in when you'd like, no need to wait for a 'start date'

- Play Card Option: we have a 5-class "punch card" where you can try on different styles of classes, just RSVP and let us know when you're coming. Play Card is valid 90 days from purchase, unless discussed with instructor.

- Single Class: our Barn Hunt and Farm Walk classes are available in singles, which means you can try one out without needing to commit (but we'll always welcome you back!)


Moments of Pause @ 6:00pm. Beginning April 11th

Does your dog go nuts when you grab a leash and get ready to go for a walk? Can you open a car door/gate and your dog waits until invited to go through? Want to have the best behaved dog at the campsite or brewery patio this summer? This is your class! We'll work on self-control/chill in a variety of situations, learn to excel at Mat Relaxation (different from "place"), and more. Online class, so great for practicing with fewer distractions! Week 5 will be in-person.


Confident puppy @ 10:00am. Beginning April 15th

We LOVELOVELOVE helping to create confident, resilient puppies! Sure, we'll talk about manners; we'll also cover socialization, body awareness, dog & human greetings, and so much MORE !

Tricks, Parkour & Urban Agility  @ 11:15am Beginning April 15th

All 3 are similar, yet different, and *excellent* ways to teach your dog confidence, lengthen their list of skills, and create awesome body awareness. And can we talk about the FUN you and your dog will have? We've found tricks/parkour are the best way to connect and deepen your connection to your doggo!

Building Blocks/AKC Canine Good Citizen prep  @ 12:30pm **

NEW this spring, we're returning to offering the CGC test...and this class is perfect for prep time! We'll parallel the test items, so all things polite, from walking, to settling, human-dog greetings, and more. 

Ask about our Play Card option...access to training is always our goal!

Ready to register? Excellent! Head here.


Nosework @ 10:00am. 

Does your doggo love to use her nose? Do you sometimes feel like your dog 'needs a job'? Join us for some scenting fun, where you'll both learn to sniff out (detection-style!) a scent of your choice.

Barn Hunt @ 11:30am 

Currently, we're running Novice/Open classes (1-2 rats). We'll host some Tunnel workshops, too. Want to practice hanging out in the blind? Join us during the Farm Walk!

Single class purchase available!

::NEW:: Farm Walk @ 1:00pm **

A class that can, truly, be anything you want it to be! A long sniffari. Or a chance to practice your recalls (on a long line). Safe space for reactive dogs to practice their skills with LOTS of space. We'll even be setting up a mock blind for Barn Hunt students to practice hanging out around other dogs and lowering their arousal levels. Single class purchase available!

Drink With Your Dog @ 2:45pm ** Beginning mid- to late-spring

The Longsnouts gang likes to do pretty much everything with a dog, including hanging out on a restaurant patio, camping, or at a friend's house! To do so, we need to help our doggos learn to chill and/or be polite in highly distracting spots...and it's not as intuitive as one might assume. Join us to learn the ins and outs! 

Ask about our Play Card option...access to training is always our goal!

Ready to register? Excellent! Head here.

URBAN PACK WALKS - they're coming back!

Our goal is to host one per month - we're looking at the calendar and setting some dates! Free for all to attend, as long as you're willing to follow our guidelines. Fantastic practice for all levels of dogs; we're happy to give you the space or time you need. 

Weather issues? We will walk if the weather is above freezing (32 F) and *not* raining or heavy snow. RSVPs are required; there is a 10 person/dog limit. You don not have to be a Longsnouts client to join, however, this is not a "class." Pack Walks are a place to practice and Hannah will likely have one of her #PermaDogs in attendance for their own practice. RSVP here.


- Stay tuned for spring schedule!

Ask questions here.

** These classes are rolling admission and Play Card eligible, so you're welcome to join whenever you'd like! Reminder: you have 90 days to use your Play Card, unless you chat with the Team.

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