Drink With Your Dog....really, so much more!


It's true, you'll rarely see Hannah without a dog, even at a restaurant! One of our favorite activities is having a social cocktail...and brining along a doggo.


One of our least favorite observations, though, is dogs who aren't comfortable in a loud, busy environment. Oftentimes, a dog is restless, barky, nervous, lunges, and generally unsure what they're supposed to do...because they haven't practiced. Yes, grabbing a drink - from a dog's perspective - takes practice. And we're here to help! Longsnouts is partnering with some local establishments this fall to help humans help their dogs.

Beyond using these skills at a brewery/restaurant, they can be used to help dogs travel (camping!), going to a friend's for a BBQ, the vet, and so much more. The skills we practice are increasing overall comfort in busy spots, practicing polite walking, stopping and settling near their human, and teaching humans how to make it all happen. In fact, we'll even help you pack your "go bag"!


Coming as soon as they're confirmed!