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Drink With Your Dog....really, so much more!


It's true, you'll rarely see Hannah without a dog, even at a restaurant! One of our favorite activities is having a social cocktail...and brining along a doggo.


One of our least favorite observations, though, is dogs who aren't comfortable in a loud, busy environment. Oftentimes, a dog is restless, barky, nervous, lunges, and generally unsure what they're supposed to do...because they haven't practiced. Yes, grabbing a drink - from a dog's perspective - takes practice. And we're here to help! Longsnouts is partnering with some local establishments this fall to help humans help their dogs.

Beyond using these skills at a brewery/restaurant, they can be used to help dogs travel (camping!), going to a friend's for a BBQ, the vet, and so much more. The skills we practice are increasing overall comfort in busy spots, practicing polite walking, stopping and settling near their human, and teaching humans how to make it all happen. In fact, we'll even help you pack your "go bag"!


First 2024 Workshop is on March 10th! We'll be at Stella's Black Dog Tavern. **

There are human-only and 'with dog' options available, both limited. Click here to register.

Weekly classes will begin in April 2024.

...and there are some guidelines. For your first class, please leave your dog at home.** Why? Well, it can be challenging to listen to the teachings/suggestions when you're handling your dog in a busy space. Being dog-free your first class gives you an opportunity to listen, see how other dogs are navigating, and even handle a dog ! (We'll bring a Longsnouts dog for practice.)


We'll go over all this in our weekly logistics emails, too! Can't wait to see you in class! Register here.

** Yes, if you've already  gone through some Longsnouts classes, we can likely waive the dog-free piece. Play card is a great option for this class; it's valid for 90 days from purchase.

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