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Ready to get started with your training? GREAT! We are, too. We suggest reading through the below and then take a few minutes to fill out our Discovery Survey. Once we've had a chance to read through your responses, we will reach out with our suggestions and appropriate pricing.


Class or group training isn't always the best choice for our 4-legged friends. We offer 2 different options for you and your pups:

Private Sessions

Training in your own home is sometimes the best choice. Whether it's inter-canine/-human issues, reactivity, basic home set-up for new-to-you dogs, or even COVID-safety, Longsnouts can plug in. After you've filled out our Discovery Survey, we can best advise number of sessions or an alternate path.

1:1 Training with Hannah and your pup (also called Day Training)

There are times when Hannah can jump in directly to work with your pup, most frequently to lay strong foundations or when schedules don't allow for the progress desired. Some clients also use this option as a break in the day for your dogs with a training option. Reach out if this is something you'd like for your pup!

We are also able to mix and match between types of in-home options! At the end of the day, the Longsnouts team is committed to getting your dog(s) the training they need. Period.

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