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Know what we love? SNIFFING!

Sure, we regularly recommend sniffaris as a walk (versus a "death march" for exercise), but there are soooooo many ways to incorporate sniffing into our dogs' lives. While these are the current class offerings, make sure to check out our calendar for other sniff-opps, like shed hunt!

Check your newsletter for any updates! Haven't subscribed? We'd be happy to help, just let us know.



Wednesday @ 6:00pm **

Sunday @ 11:30am **

What on earth? Take some straw bales, set out a course, hide some rats (in safe, aerated tubes), and go SNIFFY!!!! Great sniffing opportunity for young, old, hearing/sight impaired, small, big...ALL doggos. Have a dog that likes finding chipmunks, squirrels, and the like? Yep - this is a great opportunity for them. 

Register here. Rolling admission AND you can register for a single class at a time, or get a Play Card (slight discount).


Sunday @ 10:00am **

Is your doggo the kind that sniffs out ALL the sniffs? A busy kiddo who needs to learn to appreciate at least some of the details? A senior doggo who's moved beyond agility?  A more thoughtful, shy dog looking to gain some confidence? Nosework is indeed a flexible option for all sorts of our 4-legged friends, whether for fun or competition. Join us & register here!

** These classes are rolling admission and Play Card eligible, so you're welcome to join whenever you'd like!

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