At Longsnouts, we focus on using science- and reward-based training to enrich the human-canine relationship. Our goal is to live alongside relaxed, confident, well-mannered dogs able to successfully navigate our human world.


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(As we're out in the field 80% of the time, email is always the quickest way to reach our team.)

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Basic manners

+ urban sidekicks

= the Longsnouts difference

Confident, able dogs & their human sidekicks, that's our main goal!

We're back to training, y'all! Classes begin February 8th.

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Creating confident, well-mannered dogs from malleable puppies is one of our favorite crafts.

Our first session of 2020 begins February 8th - join us!

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Longsnouts is fascinated with all things 'sniffer,' from classes, to games and toys!

Science-based classes that'll teach your dog how to systematically search for yummies begin February 8th!

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Some superbly fun classes and workshops are in the works...and the Longsnouts gang is dancing with excitement! 

But we have to wait until all details are ironed out...stay tuned.

(Hint: there's a new certification badge below that Hannah just obtained!)