Learn Together.

Basic manners

+ urban sidekicks

= the Longsnouts difference

Confident, able dogs & their human sidekicks, that's our main goal! Newly redesigned and taught outside, Longsnouts classes are perfect for social distancing.

Classes are running - including the Play Card!

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Creating confident, well-mannered dogs from malleable puppies is one of our favorite crafts.

Next class begins June 4th! 


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Longsnouts is fascinated with all things 'sniffer,' from classes, to games and toys!


Barn Hunt  classes are here! Don't know what Barn Hunt is? Click here to learn more.

Interested in 'standard' nosework? Or shed hunt? (that's antler hunting) Let us know.

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All sorts of fun stuff is in the works - and a couple no-cost webinars are on the calendar!

We'll have everything from Urban Agility/Parkour, Drink With Your Dog fun, and Pack Walk(ing practice) for both adults and puppies. Click here for more info!