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Learn Together.

Basic manners

+ urban sidekicks

= the Longsnouts difference

It's too cold to be outside, so check out our indoor schedule!  (Yes, we'll still have an outdoor class, too!


Register here!

Creating confident, well-mannered dogs from malleable puppies is one of our favorite crafts.

Next Confident Puppy begins April 15th!


Register here.

Longsnouts is fascinated with all things 'sniffer,' from classes, to games and toys!


We LOVE our Sunday sniffy classes. Private sessions are now available! Click here to schedule private timeslots.

Some fun new classes are posted!

Have you checked out a Farm Walk? Or maybe your dog is into Parkour/Urban Agility.

If you want a dog to be the best, calm sidekick ever, maybe it's Moments of Pause that's up yer alley!


Join us in 2023! 

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