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Speaking of new...

If you follow our social media, you may have seen a new face around. Meet Kenna, the newest Longsnouts #permadog.

In November, Hannah fostered part of a litter of Belgian Malinois (mix?) pups and, well, WHOOPSIES, one ended up staying. This little runtlette crawled into Hannah's lap, literally at moment one, and refused to leave.

As a foster, we called her Nugget - because she was the teeniest little 4.5 beebs! She unfortunately became ill, so lost some weight (!), and rode around in Hannah's hoodie so she could be fed/watered every hour and get quality sleep. Luckily, she quickly got better...and beautifully feisty. Perfect for this household.

She has already begun Barn Hunt and Nosework training so she can compete as soon as she turns 6 months old! Look for some super fun adventures this spring/summer.

She's also a fave of the Wildling Nephews, so look for photos of her camping with Dougal and the whole gang.

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