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From time to time, Longsnouts likes to add a focused workshop to the calendar to 


Traditionally, we've hosted one-off workshops for topics we find interesting, relevant, and, yes, FUN! For autumn 2023, we're taking that approach, but dedicating weekly time: Sundays at 1:00pm. Check out the calendar or the weekly logistics email (for class participants) to see what's upcoming.


Already planned are: recalls (beg/int, int/adv), shed hunt, strength & conditioning, and more. Anything you'd like to see? Drop us a note.

Weekly workshops can be purchased one at a time or you can save a little money, using a 'punch' on your Play card.

Building Blocks: Let's Go For A Walk  @ 11:30am **

October 21st, November 11th & December 2nd.

Every 3 weeks, we're dedicating a BB class to focus on going for a walk. Join us to learn our 3-step process for helping walks be less misery and frustration, far more fun and engagement! Part of a Play Card or BB purchase; also available as a single-class purchase.

URBAN PACK WALKS - they're coming back!

Our goal is to host one per month - we're looking at the calendar and setting some dates! Free for all to attend, as long as you're willing to follow our guidelines. Fantastic practice for all levels of dogs; we're happy to give you the space or time you need. 

Currently, three dates are scheduled, all Saturdays due to availability and daylight. Trying something new, we'll be traveling to a few spots around SE Michigan...AND modeling AKC Fit Dog, trying to keep our doggos fit as fiddles! (Have you checked out our Strength & Conditioning workshops??)


Weather issues? We will walk if the weather is above freezing (32 F) and *not* raining or heavy snow. RSVPs are required; there is a 10 person/dog limit. You don not have to be a Longsnouts client to join, however, this is not a "class." Pack Walks are a place to practice and Hannah will likely have one of her #PermaDogs in attendance for their own practice and unable to advise or lend a hand.  RSVP here.

- September 23rd @ 1:30pm

- October 21st @ 1:30pm

- November 18th @ 1:30pm

- December 16th @ 1:30pm

Ask questions here.

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