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Some of the hardest skills...

It's no secret that Recalls, the Art of Your Dog Returning to You, and Polite Leash Walking are challenging skills to 'perfect.' In fact, Hannah describes them as lifelong challenges and loves to quote Malcom Gladwell and his 10,000 hours of 'deliberate practice' in order to create fluidity.

This graphic was posted on the Longsnouts facebook page and it's a perfect visual to describe how enormous the pile of failures should be - the pile of 'deliberate practice' - in order to move toward a comfortable recall or leash walk. So many folks try a couple of times, it's not 'perfected,' so they stop...and then complain. Or escalate to tools that cause discomfort and break trust.

I LOVE practicing polite leash walking. And recalls. A whole lot. I also love sharing those skills - and the passion! - with you! Join us for a class.

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