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Let's talk: treat pouches!

My sister likes to say that I'm trying to bring back the fanny pack, one dog at a time. And she's not wrong!

A treat pouch of some variety has long been part of my 'fashion statement'; it's a necessity, so I've got quite the collection. I'm often asked for a recommendation and, well, truth be told, I'm still on the hunt for something "perfect." The list below are currently in my collection and ranked (scale of 1-5) on fit, size, stylishness, functionality, and I'll add notes for what I'd like to add. This list could go on for forever, so I'll just list my top 4...because in my wardrobe of many, I've got some super meh and horrible ones.

OllyDog Treat Pouch: 4.5

Fit: 5

Size: 4

Stylishness: 5

Functionality: 4

Overall, I really like this bag. It holds a LOT of treats (um, careful to not overfill), it's got 4 pockets for clickers, poop bags, IDs; a key hook in the hidden pocket; super easy to adjust to a great fit; and it's cute.

Cons: I think it's out of production, so you can only find it in stores like Sierra Trading Post. And see below.

What I'd change: the back pocket is just a wee bit too small for my phone (iPhone 6s in an OtterBox) and the magnet should be a whole lot stronger to keep it closed and not "open bar" for sassy puppies.

Fit: 3.5

Size: 3

Stylishness: 5

Functionality: 3

Man, oh man, did I want to LOVE this bag. It's super cute: simple and streamlined. But. And the "buts" are big ones for me.

Cons: It's smaller than I expected, which translates to you can't hold as many treats as you want and it's a bit fumbly if you have normal-sized hands. (My fingers are long and skinny and I still can't always do a fast draw.) The front pocket is too small for all the things I'd like to hold; it will hold 2/3 of this list at any time: clicker, poop bags, chapstick. Lastly, the loop that's tucked inside is pretty useless unless you add your own carabiner or S-hook.

What I'd change: Make it bigger - overall size, pocket in front. Add a real key hook. Add a few inches to the belt; I can see this appealing to men because of it's simple style and coloring, however, the belt would still be too small for many, so they'd only be able to use the clip.

Fit: 5

Size: 4

Stylishness: 5

Functionality: 3

This was one of the first pouches I found when I went back to training full-time and wanted something super cute...and I do love it, regardless of some of the cons. The pockets are sized well, you can customize certain aspects (the key fob, the pocket backing, the color of the belt - or at least I could when I ordered), and did I mention it's super cute. I tend to use one pocket for treats and the other for 'everything else,' which includes phone, poop bags, clicker, chapstick, etc. The pockets are deep and wide enough that nothing fell out, yet puppy noses couldn't quite help themselves.

Cons: Make sure to request a color other than white/beige for the pocket backing or you'll have to wash it a whole bunch. Also request a belt length of choice or it may not fit. It's not waterproof, so slimy treats should be in a bag (unless you like doing laundry; I don't.).

What I'd change: Not a whole lot.

Fit: 5

Size: 5

Stylishness: 2

Functionality: 5

It's a great pouch. 2 large, wide pockets, that fit hands (and noses) of all sizes. Pretty waterproof, so doesn't retain sliminess of slimy treats. Can hold a LOT of treats and easily hinges open/closed with one hand.

Cons: It's not super cute.

What I'd change: Not a whole lot. Other than maybe making it cuter.

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