Know what we love? SNIFFING!

Sure, we regularly recommend sniffaris as a walk (versus a "death march" for exercise), but there are soooooo many ways to incorporate sniffing into our dogs' lives.

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Barn Hunt @ 6:00pm **

What on earth? Take some straw bales, set out a course, hide some rats (in safe, aerated tubes), and go SNIFFY!!!! Great sniffing opportunity for young, old, hearing/sight impaired, small, big...ALL doggos. Have a dog that likes finding chipmunks, squirrels, and the like? Yep - this is a great opportunity for them. 

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Nosework (the standard kind) coming back soon! Want to know more? Let us know.

** These classes are rolling admission and Play Card eligible, so you're welcome to join whenever you'd like!