From time to time, Longsnouts likes to add a focused workshop to the calendar to 


Nosework Seminar: April 24th from 10:30a-1:30p 

Interested in learning the basics of teaching your dog nosework? This is the seminar for you!


We will cover the basics of theory, including air flow, how to learn to read your dog, where to begin, the value of clear indications, and how to continue - whether at home or in classes. There will be both working spots (4) and auditing (20), which means everyone attending will be able to watch dogs learn on-the-spot! All attendees will go home with a scent starter kit; PVC pipe kits will be available to purchase/order.

Working spot - $125 (4 total)

Perfect for anyone wanting to get some hands-on assistance getting their dog started or fine-tuning work in progress. Please make sure your dog will be (fairly) comfortable working in front of people. A crate is recommended if you have a very young or reactive dog. 

Register here for a working spot.

Auditing spot - $95 (20 total)

A fabulous opportunity to focus on learning and not have to manage your dog at the same time!

Register here for an auditing spot.

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Intermediate/Advanced Recalls Workshop: April 17 from 1:00p-2:30p

Intersted in turning your 'pretty ok' recall into a rockstar one? Or maybe your dog has lots of room to roam, yet doesn't always come flying back when asked. This is the workshop for you! We'll use some well-loved exercises, long lines, and some serious "party-time" enthusiasm. Class limited to 10 human/canine pairs.

Register here for Recall Workshop.

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Beginner Emergency Stop Workshop: May 15 from 1:00p-2:30p

What happens when your dog sees that squirrel across the road? Panic? Well, then this is workshop is a great place to begin learning the emergency stop. Very different than the recall (getting your dog to return to you), this workshop will work on how to get your dog to come to halt as they're running away from you. Class limited to 10 human/canine pairs.

Register here for Recall Workshop.

URBAN PACK WALKS - they're coming back!

Our goal is to host one per month - we're looking at the calendar and setting some dates! Free for all to attend, as long as you're willing to follow our guidelines. Fantastic practice for all levels of dogs; we're happy to give you the space or time you need. 

Currently, three dates are scheduled, all Sundays due to availability and daylight. Weather issues? We will walk if the weather is above freezing (32 F) and *not* raining or heavy snow. RSVPs are required; there is a 10 person/dog limit. You don not have to be a Longsnouts client to join, however, this is not a "class." Pack Walks are a place to practice and Hannah will likely have one of her #PermaDogs in attendance for their own practice and unable to advise or lend a hand.  RSVP here.

- March 28th at 10:30am

- April 26th at 10:30am

- May 16th at 10:30am

Puppy Walks - for puppies under 9 months

- March 28th at 11:45am

- April 26th at 11:45am

- May 16th at 11:45am

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