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In-person classes are LIVE! Longsnouts prefers to teach classes outside - it's where we are most often with our dogs, so it makes sense. We are, therefore, prepared for social distancing...and have taken lengths to (re)design our classes to make sure everyone feels as safe as possible. We're excited to get back to learning!


Confident puppy @ 10:00am.

Building Blocks/Nice to Meet You hybrid @ 11:15am **

Polite Walking & Recalls @ 12:30pm **

Ask about our Play Card option...access to training is always our goal!

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URBAN PACK WALKS - they're coming back!

Our goal is to host one per month - we're looking at the calendar and setting some dates! Free for all to attend, as long as you're willing to follow our guidelines. Fantastic practice for all levels of dogs; we're happy to give you the space or time you need. RSVP or ask questions here.

** These classes are rolling admission and Play Card eligible, so you're welcome to join whenever you'd like!


At Longsnouts, we focus on using science- and reward-based training to enrich the human-canine relationship. Our goal is to live alongside relaxed, confident, well-mannered dogs able to successfully navigate our human world.


T: 734 480-8101


(As we're out in the field 80% of the time, email is always the quickest way to reach our team.)

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