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At Longsnouts [Dog Training], we focus on using science- and reward-based training to enrich the human-canine relationship. Our goal is to live alongside relaxed, confident, well-behaved dogs able to successfully navigate our human world.

The Longsnouts focus is in creating a wonderful sidekick to enjoy, play with, and be mutually satisfying. Our niche is working with humans and dogs to create excellent partnerships. Our goals include clear communication, having fun, dialogue, and creating a mannered dog (and human!) with a side of spunk.

From scentwork to 'ditching the bowl,' flirt poles to urban manners, our dogs are true companions. Longsnouts doesn't expect perfection or strict obedience; our shared world is less dictator, more conversation.

Come play with us!


Hannah Ashmore, Lead Advocate, Educator & Trainer

Since 1998, through taking, assistant teaching, or leading classes, Hannah has been a part of a dog's life. 


Nowadays, Hannah is bringing her science- and reward-based dog training approach to Southeast Michigan. While Hannah wants to help all dogs and their humans learn through play, she has a fondness and gift for working with fear-based, reactive, and teenaged dogs. The dogs that belong to what she calls the "extreme ends of the spectrum" are most responsive to clear communication and a reward-based training approach.


Notable accomplishments:

- Clicker training since 1998

- Apprenticed with Sit Stay Dog Training, NYC, 2006

- Member of Pet Professional Guild

- AKC Canine Good Citizen & Trick Title Evaluator

- Nationally certified dog trainer via CCPDT since 2017

- Actively training with Michigan Search & Rescue since 2017

(One more level & Hannah/Dougal are deployable!)

- Certified Scentwork Instructor via UKCSD since 2019


Hannah is currently 'owned' by 3 dogs...

Many of y'all know Hannah calls her personal dogs #PermaDogs. The label is given mostly to differentiate between all of the dogs that flow through her life via foster, training, or just hanging out downtown.

Kali, 1995-2012

The dog that began the journey! Born in Abu Dhabi, in 1995, Kali was the runt of an accidental litter between a hawking Saluki and a desert dog. She entered Hannah's life in 1998 and turned it upside down for more than 14 more years. She was pint-sized (and definitely reactive) yet giant-hearted.

Maverick, 1999-2013

A first foray into living with a puppy that Hannah swore she would never repeat, Maverick was also her first Coonhound, a Bluetick. Maverick was adopted from the Wake County SPCA in Raleigh, NC and moved to 4 more states and countless apartments as Hannah's Guarder in Chief.

Dominic, 2010-

An exercise in fostering that lead to forever! Dominic has the distinction of being Hannah's first foster dog, from the Buster Foundation. He left the former Women's Prison Training Program and walked straight into Hannah's life. He's a (recovering) fear-based dog who is proof that consistent work and environmental exposure can increase a dog's confidence a thousandfold.

Livvie, Olivia when she's naughty, 2010ish-

Livvie arrived in Ypsilanti as a foster dog through American Black & Tan Coonhound Rescue. Word on the street had her at about 1-2 years of age. Fast forward a few years, consensus has her at quite a bit older. Hannah 'jokes' that Livvie is her canine mirror image: she talks all the time, sticks her nose into everything, eats constantly, and does whatever the heck she wants...when she wants. 

Dougal, 2016-

After 18 years of successfully saying "NEVER again" to living with a puppy, Dougal waltzed into Hannah's life when she was consulting with the Humane Society of Livingston County. His shy, floopy-earred self has helped launch a new era of Longsnouts and is actively helping to define our plans for the next few years. Dougal and Hannah are training with Michigan Search & Rescue to become an Airscent Wilderness K9 search team.

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